Village of Flat Rock, NC

Matt Toner

Matt Toner

Matt Toner was born in New York City and moved to Wilton, Connecticut while in middle school. He graduated from Lafayette College (where he played football and lacrosse) with a B.A. in Geology, and from the University of Connecticut with a Masters in Geophysics and Groundwater Hydrology.

After completing his Masters, Matt joined Amoco Production Company as an exploration geophysicist. There, he held numerous leadership roles, including multiple positions in the U.S. Gulf Coast; Middle East exploration manager; exploration manager in Norway; and reservoir production manager in the Netherlands. Amoco sponsored Matt's participation in Rice University's Executive MBA program, which he completed during this time. 

Matt became the geoscience technology manager when Amoco merged with BP, and after that stint in technology he took over all U.S. Permian Basin activities, which included management of three gas plants, 4,500 wells, and leadership of over 150 employees and contractors. Finally, Matt joined a new joint-venture company, Hydrogen Energy, which worked to develop a "clean-energy" carbon capture and storage power plant. He retired when that business was sold.

During his professional career, Matt served on the Board of Directors of the Houston Audubon Society; Board of Directors of the International School in Stavanger, Norway; Board of Directors of the Lakewood Forest Residents Association; and Board of Directors of the Family Service Society in New Orleans, Louisiana.

After a successful professional career spanning 32 years and having lived overseas as well as in New York City, New Orleans, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Matt retired in 2011 and moved to Flat Rock as quickly as possible. He enjoys travel, golf, wine, bourbon, music, and being with friends. Matt and his wife Betsy have two married daughters and two grandsons. His new favorite job is being a granddad, and serving on the Village Council. Matt will strive to never forget what makes Flat Rock unique. 


Council Member / Budget Officer