Village of Flat Rock, NC

Mayor and Council

The Village of Flat Rock has a mayor/council form of government made up of six council members and a mayor. Members are elected in nonpartisan elections every two years for staggered four-year terms.

The mayor, who is also elected in a nonpartisan election for a four-year term, presides at all meetings, is the official head of the village, and represents the village for all ceremonial purposes.

The council has the power to make ordinances, rules, and regulations for the proper government of the village. The council follows a code of ethics. The council appoints all standing committees and employs the Village Administrator, Village Clerk, Deputy Village Clerk, Park Director, and Park Ranger. All other positions are filled by volunteers.

The Flat Rock Village Council meets on the second Thursday of each month with an agenda workshop held ten days prior to the council meeting.

Matt Toner


Council Member / Budget Officer