Village of Flat Rock, NC

Transportation Advisory Committee

The Transportation Advisory Committee consists of five members, one of whom is the council member responsible for transportation oversight and four appointed by the council for three-year terms. The committee meets quarterly (March, June, September, December) on the second Tuesday of that month at 10:00 a.m. in the Village Hall. All committee meetings are open to the public under N.C. Open Meetings Law.

The Transportation Advisory Committee serves to advise the village council, the Henderson County Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), and members of the French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) on matters related to transportation that affect the village. It assesses the transportation needs of the village and advocates for methods that protect the village’s historic character when addressing any transportation issues.

By working proactively in considering transportation issues, the committee provides information to enable the council to make knowledgeable and responsible decisions. The committee also helps eliminate confusion in the community over transportation projects by increasing community involvement and input in transportation decisions.

The responsibilities of the Transportation Advisory Committee include the following:

  • Make recommendations to the council on transportation policies and issues that may arise
  • Provide input to the MPO and TAC on their policies and projects, including the Comprehensive Transportation Plan, the Long Range Plan, and the TIP
  • Advocate for methods that protect the village’s historic character when addressing any transportation issues
  • Provide input to the Flat Rock Planning Board on transportation issues when needed
  • Work with the MPO, NCDOT, and N.C. State Historic Preservation Office, when appropriate and under the direction of the council, on such projects as long-range transportation planning, major and minor road improvement projects, road and bridge safety, and any other transportation issues
  • Work to elicit village-wide community input on transportation issues, priorities, and recommendations
  • Work with the council on communicating transportation issues to the village community in a timely manner

If you would like more information, please contact the Village Hall at 828.697.8100.


Village Council Liaison to the Transportation Advisory Committee: Anne Coletta

Transportation Advisory Committee members:

    Term Length
Anne Coletta Chair  
Ed Tiles Vice Chair  
Dennis Flanagan    
Luke Hunter    
John Jeter