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Village of Flat Rock begins construction on the Dye Creek restoration project


Flat Rock, North Carolina, April 8, 2024 — Construction has begun on a major restoration project to bring Dye Creek, which runs through the middle of The Park at Flat Rock, back into a natural and healthy state. Decades before the park was established by the Flat Rock Village Council, Dye Creek was “straight channeled,” destroying its natural flow and shape. The creek, which crosses eight park acres, is rapidly deteriorating, causing extensive bank erosion and trail washouts. This project will also help improve water quality and create a healthy ecosystem for fish and other wildlife.

“The current construction that is going on right now is just the grading and rerouting and re-carving of the creek and stream channel,” Michael Dages, park director, said. “That phase will probably take about a month, and the rest should be done by June.”

Once completed according to Dages, Dye Creek will be healthier with less erosion and better water quality. “It will be a better habitat for birds, amphibians, fish and wildlife within the park. We’re also looking to see better flood mitigation. Every time it rains now, we get a lot of washout. This will have better impact on storm water management,” he said.

During the restoration project, park trails that cross the creek will be closed.

The cost of the entire restoration project, including planning, design, and construction, is estimated to be around $475,000. The project is being funded by grants and donations from a variety of sources, including the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, the Community Foundation of Henderson County, and the Flat Rock Park and Recreation Foundation, a nonprofit created by the Flat Rock Village Council in 2013 to support projects in the park.

For more information, please contact Michael Dages, park director, at 828.435.0397.


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